Amazing special introductory offers .. very limited spaces available.

  • Until 27th September 2017 – Hot Stones Massage only £25 (normally £35) – 1 hour treatment then £30 from 28th September Until 31st October 2017
  • Add an Express Facial for £5 (normally £15) WOW ! Making your luxury treatment an hour and a half.

Indulge yourself …cocooned in warmth…let the heat from the stones and the depth of massage achieved take you into a blissful state of relaxation and being…sigh …you will not regret it.


Here’s the science…Stone massage therapy utilises the heat-retaining warmth from basalt stones and can also include coolness from sedimentary stones such as crystals which I like to use to add a little coolness if it’s perhaps summertime or we are incorporating a facial treatment.

I use natural basalt stones for the hot massage; these are irregular in shape and size and naturally smoothed by their environment (such as rivers).  So, they are not machine smoothed. As they have lots of lovely smooth different shaped, sizes and edges I can choose exactly which ones will suit you (yours will not be the same as everyone elses – cos you’re special).

Heated in hot water to an optimum temperature of 130º F (55º C ….ooh mega toasty) the basalt stones will be placed on you in certain areas (over a towel, don’t worry I won’t burn you) so that you feel the heat permeating whilst I use other hot stones to massage other areas. Can you feel it yet?

The massage strokes will be long, slow, luxurious and dedicated to your relaxation.  I may use some stones to work on tighter or knottier areas but nothing ouchie I promise.

What I hope you will feel is a peaceful dream-like state as the deep heat of the stones penetrates the muscles and induces you into relaxation quicker than a “normal” massage.

Enjoy xxx